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Blog by Dena Goldberg, MS, LCGC

Dena Goldberg, MS, LCGC

Dena Goldberg, MS, LCGC

My name is Dena Goldberg and I am originally from a suburb of Chicago and attended University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana where I worked in a Molecular Anthropology lab studying ancestral genetics, then moved out west to San Francisco to work in a Breast Cancer research lab at UCSF. I later attended the Genetic Counseling Graduate program at UC Irvine in Orange County and completed my genetic counseling training in May. I currently live in San Francisco, CA and work in the UCSF Cancer Genetics and Prevention Program.

While a student, I wrote my thesis on the awareness of genetic counseling services in multiple communities, and how we can raise that awareness. I started a DenaDNA so that I could have a creative outlet while simultaneously spreading awareness of genetic counseling services.


I have been interested in genetics since I was 6-years-old when my youngest sister was diagnosed with Ring 18. Since then, my family has been active in the Chromosome 18 Research & Registry and I have lead Genetics 101 workshops for siblings. I’m very passionate about Chromosome 18 anomalies and welcoming new families into this amazing organization.

Eventually, my dream is to produce a television show centered around the genetic counseling clinic to make “genetic counselor” a well-known term.

Make sure to follow DenaDNA on twitter @denatalksdna and/or facebook (https://www.facebook.com/DenaTalksDNA?ref=br_tf)

DISCLAIMER: This blog is solely to spread awareness of the Genetic Counseling profession. Dena DNA does not offer any medical advice. Each situation is unique; if you believe you need genetic counseling, go to http://www.findageneticcounselor.com to find a licensed Genetic Counselor near you.

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