Some Introductions

A Bit About Me and this Blog

A Bit About Me and this Blog

Hi, my name is Dena DNA, and I am a genetic counselor-in-training with experience in the field of genetics. I have worked with and studied multiple aspects of genetics everywhere from Molecular Anthropology all the way to Cancer Cell Biology.

But why am I different?

Well, I speak “real people language”, or what the science community calls “layperson language”.

So here’s the deal:

When people learn that I research/work/study in the field of genetics, I’m usually faced with a barrage of questions. The same questions come up time and time again and I have come to realize that while there is great interest in this topic, there is not much information available to people outside of the medical/scientific community. I’ve decided to use this blog to answer questions and provide information for people who are interested in this field of science.

Please feel free to ask me questions as I think of topics to discuss based off of the conversations I am part of or witness in my time away from the science community.

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